Business Owner Or Entrepreneur?
Why You Must Focus On
Only 4 Key High Value Tasks

You must focus on 4 core areas as the CEO if you want to live the 4 For Freedom lifestyle. These are:

1. Ideas

2. Emails

3. Funnels

4. Finance

Everything else should be either automated, delegated or removed from the business..

1. Ideas

And because every business, no matter what the niche the are in, is a marketing business, you need to keep up with the latest news and developments in marketing too.

Even if you don’t want to stick your head above the parapet and “be” an opinion leader (many online marketers are quite shy and reserved people) you need to know who they are and what their opinions are.

That way you can be on trend, or even ahead of the curve in your business. You can use ideas and market knowledge to help your customers by developing great new products that are genuinely wanted.

And another key concept is flexing your idea muscle - developing it and practising it. One of my favourite writers is James Altucher and he advocates a ritual of coming up with 10 ideas per day. You can read more at the link below or on one of his many blog posts on :

2. Emails

This is, maybe surprisingly, a key activity.

Emails are important as they are needed for two reasons:

1. To give instructions to your team and / or freelancers

2. In some markets you may need or want to write daily emails yourself.

The content of these emails largely come from your Idea generation activities - training, reading, consuming the right media and monitoring your market.

You need to be doing a lot of reading and listening and viewing of the latest updates and breakthroughs in your market, and I’ll tell you more about some great tools for doing that in the next section.

And the other crucially important fact about email…..

Email is still the most potent selling weapon online so it is definitely something that is worth your time spent on. Even if you don’t write your own emails you need to know if the person writing for you is actually any good!

And so studying email marketing,including psychology and those all important success metrics like Click Through and Open Rates, is a very good use of your time.

Don’t forget that you may need to write your own emails in markets where you are "The Name" and your style / quality is key. But in other niches email writing can be outsourced from the start as long as you give some style and tone guidance, and ideally supply some templates.

It could actually be more difficult to get someone to take over after 6 months for example. It would be easier to do from the start as you enter a market e.g. if you went into the dating market you could invent a persona that someone else could write for you from day one.

So you do have the chance to outsource it from scratch if you wanted. You can provide some samples with the type of tone, voice, sense of humor etc. Remember there is nothing to stop you doing it in future.

But there is another option which is to get someone to write for you and then edit what they write to your exact personal style and then send the emails out. If you go down this route I’d advise you to get the emails done in batches of 5/10 at a time.

The bottom line is that It depends to on if you enjoy writing or just see it as a necessary (essential) evil....

3. Funnels

The key to online success. Funnels are all about marketing automation and sales, based on list building and sending traffic to offers that sell.

Yes it's a current buzzword and it is the first letter of the formula because it is the most important as mentioned above.

There are many different types of funnel but here are two main ones that I need to mention.

1. The Macro Funnel

This is to do with a business at a broad level and represents the different types of products that are being offered across the business as a whole.

For example the smaller cheaper products being offered early on in the customer life cycle. These are the kind of “tripwire” products used to get you buying from someone at the start of a relationship.

Then the customer over time is exposed to more of a vendor’s products and especially the higher end ones. For example you might first come across my core products like “Content Outsourcing Made Easy” and “Outsource Quest” and then realise I offer the unique yet bargain-priced “Living Free” membership as well as 1 to 1 coaching.

This product range is what is available in my business at a macro level. It's the big funnel 30,000 foot overview.

2. The Product Sales Funnel

This is also one that you will be familiar with as it is more of a classic “instant” funnel with OTOs or “upgrades” offered in addition to a base purchase.

This works with a main offer and then additional related products sold as optional enhancements to the main offer. These OTOs are actually crucial to success in almost every funnel and can multiple the profits massively, especially if one of them is a high ticket option.

It's important to remember that some people will always want the best or the “gold” or “premier” offer that you have and if you do not offer it you are leaving money on the table.

I won’t go into more detail on this now as funnels are examined in more detail in Part 4 of this report.

4. Finance

Nobody else should get involved in this unless you appoint a Financial Director or accountant for your business. I’m not suggesting you do the grunt work of data entry for accounting, as this can be done by outsourcing certain basic finance roles, or even by using apps such as Expensify for your own business purchases.

What I mean is that your profits (and losses) are best kept away from other staff members and outsourcers. You don’t want to let the cat out of the bag on your top paying niche or secret cash cow.

But most important of all: you need to know the marketing numbers from your funnels and products.

This is the key to success. Modern day marketing is about ‘Psychology and Math’, or ‘Performance and Persuasion ©’ as I prefer to call it. (That’s the title of my next book by the way!).

In summary...

Basically you Decide, you Don't DO things.

You strategize and create concepts, offers and business models. That is the role of the modern Solopreneur or Small Business CEO.

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